CHAPTER 1. Once Upon a Time…

My story is not short. Nor is it over. It is somewhere in the middle. The part where you think you’ve figured out the characters, then suddenly your protagonist makes the wrong turn. He takes you on a journey to the opposite end. The entire time you keep yelling at the page. Go back! Turn around! Not that way! Because you think you can see his future, but you can’t. You can’t even see your own. Sure, you skim a couple pages, just to make sure your favorite character isn’t killed off. Somehow though that’s not the case.

Well, because, that’s not life. Even in fairy tales our Kings and Queens suffer from loneliness, abuse, envy, pain, and death. It is not about the beginning or the end. Not the opening line, or the last, but what happens in the middle. What do our characters learn about themselves and how do they grow? Our heart breaks from the ones who kept us safe, our envy tears out our eyes, our anger isolates us, our fear keeps us inside, and our love, our love sets us free.

“Writing is an art. An art that arouses the senses, awakens the nerves, and stretches the imagination. Art that is in the mind, it cannot be painted or seen. It is only captive in the form of strange squiggly lines that create letters and words.”

Brandi Yakubov

Novel in Progress

Young Adult Fiction Series

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Brandi Yakubov is currently working on her first novel in a series of six books. She writes poetry, short stories, creative non-fiction, and devotionals.

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